Eugenio Moroni
Branciforti di Butera



Born in Milan on October 22 - 1939.
Graduated at the Fine Arts Academy of Milan on 1961 where he was a student of Carlo Carrà.
Acquired the degree in Architecture in 1967, he continued painting in spite of his professional duties that called him in different sectors.
After his transfer in France (1998) he had the possibility to entirely concentrate on painting.

Assuming that a definition may have any sense, the artist's style could be stated as :
« non traditional figurative ».
The way of painting is clean, linear, agile. The borders are almost always
The vision is global, but certain details grab the attention giving to the paintings the tone of the emotion.

The colours are very often hand-made and obtained by mixing natural powders and oïl or water.
Amongst his techiques, that one of the distemper on sand is partcularly
noticeable. The artist glues a thin layer of sand over the canvas, or the paper, and then paints on it.
According to the incidence of light, the small grains of sand give different reflections to the colours thus modifying the painting in its whole.

The artist's view over reality is converted into a dream that he wants us to share with him.
One perceives the emotion, the essence of a landscape, the soul of a portrait.
At the end, make art is nothing else than let the others dream.